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There shall be three maintainers who's responsibility should be coordinating between different projects in Metakgp, providing them resources, managing public relations, maintaining liaisons with Institute administration and other non metakgp organizations.


Any member, including first year students, who is eligible for to give a vote can self nominate herself or himself for the post of maintainer.


Maintainers shall be elected in a staggered 4 month cycle which implies that one position shall become available every 4 months and each maintainer will have a 1 year term. Of the initial three maintainers, one will have a 4 month, and another an 8 month term.The three cycles will be as June-October, November-February, February-May


The middle maintainer (not the newest and not the oldest) will also be the treasurer, to ensure experience and continuity.

Removing Maintainer

Maintainers can be removed by a simple majority vote of no confidence.


The initial voting members will be decided by Harsh, as fairly as possible, and open to discussion. After that, voting members are added and removed by maintainers


Anyone has made a significant contribution since the last voting, which can be any of,

  1. Paid for at one week's worth of server cost.
  2. Wrote at least one new page or at least two significant edits or four minor edits.
  3. Is a maintainer of a project or has contributed significantly to a project