Aroma: Technology Culinary Arts Society

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Aroma: Technology Culinary Arts Society (Aroma: TCAS)
Activities Culinary Arts
Founded 2019 (2019)
  • Parth Gaglani (CH '19), Bhavanasi Sree Harsha (IE '19), Potluri Hemanth Kumar (AG '20) and Manan Makhija (BT '20)
Number of members 50
Under TSG Yes

Aroma: Technology Culinary Arts Society (abbreviated Aroma: TCAS) was created in Spring 2019. It was created in response to the introduction of culinary events in the 3rd Inter IIT Cultural Meet held at IIT Roorkee in December 2018. The objective of the society was to encourage the interest of students in culinary activities.

Aims and Objectives[edit | edit source]

The objective of Technology Culinary Arts Society shall be to encourage students to take an active interest in culinary activities. It shall promote culinary arts culture in the Institute on behalf of Gymkhana. It will also submit proposals for organizing workshops and seminars on culinary arts and proper diet for health care for the benefit of the students.

Technology Culinary Arts Society shall endeavour to encourage the culinary arts and allied activities among the students. The Governors will be responsible for arranging the required facilities. The Technology Culinary Arts Society shall organize various workshops and events for the students' community and help the members to learn and practice culinary arts under Technology Students Gymkhana.

Activities[edit | edit source]

Workshops[edit | edit source]

Workshops will be conducted for the members of the society. External workshops may be conducted. A workshop was conducted for 2nd-year students during Assimilation Program in Autumn 2019.

Food Stall (Twilight Jamboree)[edit | edit source]

A food stall was set up in association with Institute Wellness Group during Twilight Jamboree in Autumn 2019. The stall served mocktails, sandwiches, pav bhaji and dessert. The stall witnessed a footfall of over 200 people.

Cooking Workshop for International Students[edit | edit source]

An authentic Indian cooking workshop was organized for 10 international students during 'Dyuti' in association with International Relations Cell. The students were showed spices in Indian foods and how they are used. They were also showed some easy snacks such as pakora, desserts like phirni and drinks like jal jeera.

Food Exhibition[edit | edit source]

Food Exhibition may be conducted twice annually, once in each semester.

Organisation Structure[edit | edit source]

Governing Body[edit | edit source]

The Governing Body of the SOCIETY shall consist of FOUR Governors nominated by the President, in consultation with the concerned student members of the Executive Council.

Selections and Team Organization[edit | edit source]

The Society team will mainly comprise of 4 Student Governors (3rd-year students) responsible for the smooth operation of the society which includes (but isn’t limited to) verticals like inventory and finance management, activity organisation, and liaison with the local market, 5-8 other 3rd-year student members, 10-15 2nd year student members, 15-20 1st year student members and a significant number of members from the PG and RS student community. The selections every year will be open for all students, and not limited to freshers.

Founders and Governors[edit | edit source]

TCAS was founded by Parth Gaglani (CH '19), Bhavanasi Sree Harsha (IE '19), Potluri Hemanth Kumar (AG '20) and Manan Makhija (BT '20).

The first governors for the session 2019-20 were Aditya Manwar (AE '22), Pankhuri Saxena (HS '22) and Saumy Maheshwari (CH '21).

The governors for the session 2020-21 are Hardik Tibrewal (EC '22), Pooja Reddy (GG '23), Rajdeep Das (CS '23) and Tanaya Pakhale (MT '22).

The current governors for the session 2021-2022 are Aniket Talreja (CY '24), Gaurav Jain (MA '24), Piyush Dangare (MA '24), and Yash Vora (MF '23).

All Governors[edit | edit source]

Year Governors
2021-22 Aniket Talreja (CY '24) Gaurav Jain (MA '24) Piyush Dangare (MA '24) Yash Vora (MF '23)
2020-21 Hardik Tibrewal (EC '22) Pooja Reddy (GG '23) Rajdeep Das (CS '23) Tanaya Pakhale (MT '22)
2019-20 Aditya Manwar (AE '22) Pankhuri Saxena (HS '22) Saumy Maheshwari (CH '21) -

Archives[edit | edit source]