AG60097: Transfer Process In Food Engineering

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Course name Transfer Process In Food Engineering
Offered by Agricultural & Food Engineering
Credits 4
L-T-P 3-1-0
Previous Year Grade Distribution
Semester Autumn

Syllabus[edit | edit source]

Syllabus mentioned in ERP[edit | edit source]

Momentum transfer: Equation of continuity, equation of motion, pipe flow, channel flow, flow through porous media, Ergun’s equation, fluidization of solids, principle of extrusion. Heat Transfer- Fourier’s law, conduction, convection and radiative heat transfer. Steady state and transient heat transfer. Heat transfer in Cartesian and cylindrical coordinates. Analytical and numerical solutions to transient state heat transfer. Heat exchangers without and with heat loss, effectiveness and transfer units. Mass transfer: Molecular diffusion, Fick’s law, diffusion in solids, liquids and gases, heat and mass transfer analogy.

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