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Classification : The scholarships availed by UG students of the Institute can be broadly divided into the following seven categories:

  1. Scholarships and Tuition Fee Waiver offered by the Institute
  2. Scholarships offered by Central Government Ministries/Organizations
  3. Scholarships offered by State Government and Union Territories
  4. Scholarships offered by Public Sector Units/Government Undertakings
  5. Scholarships offered by reputed Private
  6. Companies/Foundations/Organizations
  7. Scholarships offered by Foreign Companies/Agencies
  8. Endowment Scholarships that are awarded through endowment fund of the Institute

Merit cum Means Scholarship (MCM)[edit | edit source]

Details are available in Section 36.1 of the UG rules and regulation document available on the Web Site of the Institute.

Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE)[edit | edit source]

Students Pursuing Programs in Basic Sciences.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. A detailed list of scholarships that can be availed by UG students can be found here.

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