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Central Library
Central Library - Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
The central library, one of the largest technical library in India and one of the largest libraries in terms of collection.
Main Contact
Head: Dr. B. Sutradhar (email)
Website: http://library.iitkgp.ernet.in
Main phone: +91-3222-282432 (O)
Main Location
Address: Entrance, Main building

The Central Library started in a small room of the Institute old Building, Shahid Bhavan, in the year 1951. It was shifted to its present location in the main building in 1956. This is the first of such central libraries in the IIT System of institutions. Central Library also provides IP based access to 40,000 full-text e-Journals, and 20,000 full-text e-books subscribed by the INDEST-AICTE Consortium to the users.[1] In November 2014, the Central Library received the ISO 9000:2008 certification.[2]

Sections[edit | edit source]

The library has two buildings, the main building and the annex building. The former is further divided into several halls (1-6) while the latter consists of digital library and discussion rooms besides the collection of books.

Basement[edit | edit source]

Image of Basement section of Library, IIT Kharagpur

The basement section has a reserved collection of books for the SC/ST students. It has a seating capacity of 168 students. The hall is fully air conditioned and so is one of the most occupied places in hot summer examination days. There are no personal computers provided by the library in this section.

Hall 1[edit | edit source]

The security gate of the library opens in the Hall 1 after passing the circulation counters. It has the most diversified collection of books among all the other halls. With the seating capacity of 144 students, it also has 2 PCs for the students usage.

Hall 2[edit | edit source]

The Hall 2 does not contain any textbooks and is not listed in the classification of books but has a great collection of reference books of all kinds. It has 80 personal computers installed in the section to access the e-Journals and e-books. There are seats for around 100 people to sit and study along with a couch and two chairs where people prefer to sit and read newspapers and magazines.

Hall 3[edit | edit source]

Hall 3 has a seating capacity of 44 people at one time only but has a great collection of books varying from topics like Philosophy to Ethics and from Social Studies to Languages. The hall has air cooling system via duct pipes and also has table fans on each table. And hence a good place to sit and ponder over reading.

Hall 4[edit | edit source]

Image of Hall 4 of Library, IIT Kharagpur

This hall has a large volume of books of subjects like Chemical engineering, Manufacturing, Management and Agriculture and has a seating capacity of 100 people and does not have a centralized cooling system.

Hall 5[edit | edit source]

Hall 5 is similar to Hall 3 in design and is one floor above the latter one. It has the least number of seating capacity of 16 only but has a good collection of books of subjects like History, Literature and Arts.

Hall 6[edit | edit source]

Hall 6 is the largest among all the halls with a seating capacity of 200 people at a time and contains the books of major subjects like Science, Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry and Computer Science. The collection also includes all the other rare and unassigned books, quotations, manuscripts and encyclopedias.

Annex Building[edit | edit source]

It contains Digital Library- First Floor, office of National Digital Library project room- Second Floor, study rooms, seminar rooms and group discussion rooms. Mainly Thesis and Journals are kept in Annex Building.

Sorting Section[edit | edit source]

This is the place where bulk of books are brought and redirected to proper location.

Acquisition Section[edit | edit source]

Third Floor- Above Sorting Section

Technical Processing Section[edit | edit source]

Third Floor- Above Sorting Section

Tower Building[edit | edit source]

It is situated above Sorting Section. It is a place where precious hard-copies of journals, projects, thesis, research papers are kept.

Source: Library Orientation Programme

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Image of Hall 1 of Library, IIT Kharagpur
Image of Hall 2 of Library, IIT Kharagpur
Image of Hall 3 of Library, IIT Kharagpur
Image of Hall 6 of Library, IIT Kharagpur
Image of Hall 5 of Library, IIT Kharagpur

Timings[edit | edit source]

Library is open all days from 8 AM to 12 Midnight, except public and institute holidays.[3] There are, however, exceptional circumstances like semester examinations when the timings as extended to 8 am in the morning, essentially keeping the library open all the time during that period. The notice for such changes are properly conveyed through official channels (library notice board, department notice boards etc.,) and on-campus newspapers.

Classification[edit | edit source]

Classification of books and hall distribution

The books are distributed in all the halls as per the Dewey Decimal Classification. The Dewey Decimal Classification System is the most widely used method for classifying books in the library. Hall 1 contains books of all the categories while other halls are divided with sub-categories.

Borrowing Facility[edit | edit source]

Library books are issued to all the undergraduate, postgraduate students, research scholars, staff members and faculties. The limit to the number of books and duration is not same for each category but differs.

Category Number of Books Duration
UG Students 5 books 60 Days
UG (SC/ST) 5 + 8 = 13 books 90 Days
M.Sc Students 5 books 60 Days
M.Sc (SC/ST) 5 + 8 = 13 books 90 Days
M.Tech Students 5 books 60 Days
M.Tech (SC/ST) 5 + 8 = 13 books 90 Days
M.Tech (Dual Degree) 5 books 60 Days
Physically Disabled 8 books 90 Days
Research Scholars 8 books 90 Days
Faculty/Academic Staff 10 books 180 Days
Scientific/Computer Staff 10 books 180 Days
Non Faculty Gr. A Staff 10 books 180 Days
Gr. B,C,D Staff 5 books 90 Days
Project Manager 10 books 90 Days
Project Staff 5 books 90 Days

Circulation[edit | edit source]

Books can only be issued or returned at fixed circulation timings of the library. For Monday to Friday, it is 9 am to 6 pm and for Saturday and Sunday, it is 9 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 6 pm. [4]

Fine Rules[edit | edit source]

Library fine can be either be paid through debit/credit at the Circulation Counter or it can be paid at SBI IIT Kharagpur through challan form.[5] The due deposit counter is open only on weekdays, and that too upto 5 pm.

Overdue[edit | edit source]

The fine is Re 1/- per day after the due date. [6]

Loss of Book[edit | edit source]

In case of loss of a book, the student has following two options-[5]

  1. Replace the lost book by a new book as per the library regulation
  2. Pay the current price of the lost book.

The price of the book can be inquired by writing a formal application to the Requisition Section along with the details of book.

OPAC[edit | edit source]

The library maintains an online publicly accessible collection (OPAC) of its records which can be to used to search for books. The interface also provides the facility to view the books issued in one's account, due dates, fine if any and also reserve books if needed. The OPAC interface can be accessed in following two ways:

  1. Through the webpage of library, where one can open the link after disabling the proxy.[7]
  2. Through the software installed on publicly usable computers provided at the entrance of library (near the big world map).

Logging[edit | edit source]

OPAC provides you personalized access to your account with several handy features. You can view issued books along with issue and due dates, fine collected, paid long, reserves and wishlist among many other things. To login, just click on the My Account tab on the rightmost part of top navigation bar, and you'll see a login form asking for username and password. Simply enter your roll number as username and click submit (without entering any password). This should login into your account,

Searching Books[edit | edit source]

Reserving Books[edit | edit source]

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