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First Steps[edit | edit source]

Start with Machine Learning course on Coursera.

Then you should move on to CS231n- course by Stanford, the notes on Github are intuitive.There is also another course by Harvard on Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing - CS224d. Another path recently followed by deep learning enthusiasts is the Deep Learning specialization on Coursera. The specialization contains 5 courses with proper case studies. There is also a Udacity course developed with Google. You can select any of the above courses as per your schedule.

After getting confident enough which you should try reading research papers, and implement some of them. One good resource for a collection of the most influential research paper is Deep Learning Roadmap.

And try participating in Kaggle competitions.

Which tools[edit | edit source]

You should be comfortable to convert any research paper to code. The community generally uses PyTorch for most research purpose, but Keras is easier to begin with. Other options are:

How to get help?[edit | edit source]

List of Interesting Blogs and Communities[edit | edit source]

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