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  1. The student can be de-registered in a subject of a semester by the concerned teacher on the ground of poor attendance.
  2. If a student does not have a minimum of 80% attendance in a subject, he/she can be de-registered from the subject at the discretion of the subject teacher.
  3. Only one-time de-registration is permissible and no revocation of the deregistered subject is admissible, expect on genuine medical grounds.
  4. Email Warning should be given to the students by the subject teacher prior to de-registration.
  5. The de-registration process shall commence after the Mid-semester Examination. However, in case of projects (BTP and MTP for Dual Degree), comprehensive viva voce and Summer Training/Internship, there is no scope for de-registration by the concerned teachers.
  6. The de-registration will stop two weeks before the commencement of the End Semester Examination

References[edit | edit source]

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