General Championship (Technology)

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Cups[edit | edit source]

Knowledge Cup[edit | edit source]

Biz Quiz[edit | edit source]

Tech Quiz[edit | edit source]

Maths Olympiad[edit | edit source]

Each hall sends a team of 4 people to participate in this event. Questions cover a range of topics like algebra, geometry, number theory and combinatorics. Each team solves the exam together and the judges rank the halls according to their scores at the end of the exam.

Application Cup[edit | edit source]

Chem Quest[edit | edit source]

Case Study[edit | edit source]

Open Soft[edit | edit source]

A problem statement containing specifications of the software to be developed and related constraints is released to public at the start of the competitions. Each hall then works through their solution over the stipulated even period (x days) to make a submission. Later, each hall presents their solution to a panel of internal and external judges who then award marks and accordingly rank the teams.

Innovation Cup[edit | edit source]

Product Design[edit | edit source]

Ad Design[edit | edit source]

Hardware Modelling[edit | edit source]

Strategy Cup[edit | edit source]

Data Analytics[edit | edit source]

Points Table[edit | edit source]

Cup Events Points
Biz Quiz 75
Tech Quiz 75
Maths Olympiads 75
Chem Quest 75
Case Study 75
Open Soft 100
Product Design 100
Ad Design 75
Hardware Modelling 100
Strategy Data Analysis 75

History[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]


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