How to claim your medical expenses

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Medical expenses can only be claimed when the patient had a referral from B.C.Roy Technology Hospital, IIT Kharagpur, to get treated in that particular hospital. Generally, it includes those hospitals which has a tie-up from B.C. Roy Technology Hospital.

1. Go to Academic section and contact Mr R.K. Jha (Phone no. 9474625035). (Main building, 3rd floor)

2. Obtain a reimbursement form, fill it up and submit it back there.

 Documents you need to attach to the reimbursement form :

  1.              A copy of referral of B.C. Roy
  2.              A copy of all the bills of the expenses.
  3.              A copy of the 1st page of your passbook (of the bank where you want your money to be refunded).
  4.              A copy of your institute id card.

A third-party, namely MediAssist, is in-charge of giving back you your money. So, make sure you are registered under them. If you are a student of the institute, you automatically get registered and receive an email consisting of your MediAssist id at the time of your admission.

Using this MediAssist id, you can track the status of your claims here.

Generally, it takes around 30 days to process the request.