How to use IITKGP DC

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The IITKGP DC Hub is a private hub and inaccessible from outside the IIT Kharagpur's network. To connect to the hub, one needs a DC software. Popular choices of such softwares on different platforms are:

  • Windows: DC++
  • Linux: Eiskalt DC++qt, Eiskalt DC++gtk3, LinuxDC++
  • macOS: EiskaltDC++, Shakespeer , Mac DC++

Configuration[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of EiskaltDC++ connected to a hub.

Once installed, type the hub IP address in quick connect box (IP can be obtained from the HHFH). If successfully connected, one should see a list of connected users along with a chat screen showing messages. However, to browse users and download anything from the server, one needs to meet the minimum share requirements (about 80-100 GB, varies). The share options are available in Preferences section.

Practices[edit | edit source]

  • Always mirror the content you download
  • Sharing fake files is highly discouraged, it can get you (and your wing) banned
  • Mirror additional content that is not readily available (PM the user for a special download slot)
  • In case of Windows system, keep all firewalls off.