How to verify address for passport application

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Students obtaining passports during their stay in IIT Kharagpur usually submit their hall documentation as a proof of current address. As a part of credentials verification by the police, the applicants are required to visit the District Intelligence Bureau Office (DIB) at Paschim Medinipur Police Headquarters (HQ).


Carry the following documents with you to the office:

  • Hall residence proof
  • Student identity card

How to reach[edit]

  • Take any local train towards Midnapore. Get down at the station and hire a rickshaw to the police lines. One can also walk the distance, takes about 15-20 min.
  • Hire a cab from KGP directly to the police lines.


The person-in-charge at the station might ask for additional cash reimbursements for processing your application. The amount demanded varies. It is up to the applicant to decide whether to comply with the request or deny. In past, people who have denied any payments have also received passports without any issues.