Inter IIT Cultural Meet

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Inter IIT Cultural meet, a relatively new meet is an annual gathering of teams from all IITs across India, where they compete across wide range of cultural activities. The event is hosted in cycle by one of the participating institutions and is organized during the month of December. The first meet was hosted by IIT Bombay in 2016, the hosts emerged victorious to clinch the overall General Championship followed by IIT Kharagpur in the 2nd position. Inter IIT Cultural Meet 2017 will be held at IIT Kanpur during December.

Cups[edit | edit source]

  • Dance
  • Design
  • Dramatics
  • Fim and Media
  • Literary Arts and Quiz
  • Music
  • Speaking Arts

Performance[edit | edit source]

IIT Kharagpur stood 2nd in the overall standings of the very first Inter IIT Cultural Meet(2016), IIT Kharagpur also won the Dramatics cup, the Fine Arts cup and the Speaking Arts cup(Joint).