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The Institute proposes to offer Micro-Specializations to UG students from the Spring Semester of the current Academic Session (2014-2015).

Micro Specialization Components[edit | edit source]

  1. Each Micro-Specialization has a defined structure in terms of three sequential components:
    1. Component-I – One Foundation Course (2-4 credits) that constitutes a Mandatory Requirement and also a Pre-Requisite for subsequent Components.
    2. Component-II- One/Two subjects (3-4 credits each) from a Specified list of subjects.
    3. Component-III- Project/Design/Term Paper (4 credits) OR one subject (4 credits) from a Specified list.
  2. A Student would be required to complete 3-4 subjects (10-14 credits) from the specified list in order to earn a Micro-Specialization.
  3. The subjects can be taken through the Breadth/Open Elective component of the curriculum or as Additional Subjects. If specified in the Micro-Specialization curriculum, the subject can also be taken as Micro-Credit/s.
  4. A student has to register for a Micro-Specialization. The Registration can be done at the beginning of any Semester beyond the first year.
  5. In order to register for a Micro-Specialization, the student must have completed all curricular requirements upto the previous semester and have a CGPA ≥ 7.0. Thereafter the student must maintain a CGPA or SGPA ≥ 7.5 without any Backlog in the subsequent semesters to keep the Micro-Specialization registration active.
  6. GPA for the subjects contributing to the Micro-Specialization will be separately calculated. A minimum GPA of 6.00 is essential to earn the Micro-Specialization.

References[edit | edit source]

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