PAN Loop Fast Food Center

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PAN Loop Fast Food Center, commonly called PFC is a restaurant located at the entrance to the PAN Loop. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is served at this restaurant. They deliver food to most of the halls of residences, albeit at an extra charge of Rs. 5 per dish. The menu can be found here.

It has a properly shaded, open arena for eating.

Timings[edit | edit source]

PFC is open from 12 noon to 4 pm and again from 6 pm to 11 pm. (exceptions such as the winter/summer vacations apply).

Contact[edit | edit source]

Phone: (+91) 909 388 8281, 9046859505

Food is delivered at Halls of Residences, and other places (such as the Main Building, Departments).

A charge of Rs. 5-10 (varies depending on the dish and size of order) is levied for delivery.