Patel Hall of Residence

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Patel Hall of Residence is one of the undergraduate halls for male students and one of the three halls in PAN Loop. It is one of the earliest halls to board the students since 1951 along with Azad Hall.

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Patel Hall of Residence
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Founded 1951
Motto lux et veritas vincant
Warden Prof. S Basu Majumder
Asst. Warden(s) Prof. K Deb, Prof. Sanjib Patra
Hall President Abhimanyu Singh
SSM Piyush Khandekar
Office No. (Office) : +91-3222-281146
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Sharing single, double
Shops Xerox Shop

Patel Hall of Residence

Patel Hall of Residence
Patel Hall of Residence

Being the hall which once housed the Gymkhana, its walls speak of stories of the past and present. The motto of the hall is lux et veritas vincant (translated as “Let Light and Truth Prevail”) and the residents and alumni, better known as Patelians, live by this motto.

Notable Alumni[edit | edit source]