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Pravah, previously known as Hindi Technology Dramatics Society (H.T.D.S.) ,as the name suggests, is the official Hindi dramatics society of I.I.T. Kharagpur. It performs various plays and nukkad (street plays) on and off campus. It is under the Technology Students' Gymkhana and is a part of the Dramatics Subcommittee under the Social and Cultural Committee.

Technology Dramatics Society:Pravah
Activities Theatre
Under TSG Yes

History[edit | edit source]

One of the oldest society of I.I.T Kharagpur, Technology Dramatics Society - Pravah has been a primordial society on campus and is a family to all the aesthetes.It has brought together a stream of student actors,writers,directors and creatives who have a keen sense of the theatrical and street arts. Since it's inception, Pravah has grown exponentially and has been highly successful in bringing the true spirit of theater to life and demonstrating the power of emotion and thought through it's proud members.

Functioning[edit | edit source]

Selection Procedure[edit | edit source]

Pravah auditions are held once per year, for first years, in the first or second week of August for an active membership for all four/five years. The society selects a batch of around 35 first years (UG/PG) at the beginning of the academic year soon after the welcome production. Selection procedure consists of tasks that judge voice modulation, intensity, speech and diction, confidence and acting skills.

It is not at all necessary that you must have a proper hold of Hindi , to be a part of Pravah. Also in rare cases, auditions have been held for a second time if it is found that a lot of people have missed the selections.

Organizational Structure[edit | edit source]

Pravah has four governors selected by the society seniors every year who govern the society and represent it in the Gymkhana. Overall co-ordination during productions outstations and competitions are handled by the governors

Productions[edit | edit source]

Fresher's Workshop[edit | edit source]

The freshers are given a thorough training of theatre oriented workshops that teaches them the basics of dramatics. Skills like voice modulation, voice intensity, dramatization, body posture, stage movements, third forms, etc are taught in groups. First years along with the four governors train for three weeks at the T.O.A.T. (Tagore Open Air Theater). Occasional skits, monologues, and challenging impromptu are attempted to improve the versatility of the actor. Both PG and UG first years are welcome to take part in the workshop. Other than teaching the very basics of dramatics these workshops are also a great place to meet new people and interact with the seniors of Pravah.

Fresher's play[edit | edit source]

Within the first month of the Autumn Semester starting, Pravah performs its first production of the year. The cast includes the newly inducted first years. For it's first production of the year Pravah generally picks up comical plays to entertain the freshers. The main objective of this play is for the first years to get a taste of what a play and to provide them with a chance to display their newfound skills. It is also the first time the Governors for the new tenure are introduced.

Nukkad Natak[edit | edit source]

Nukkad Natak is a form of art play whereas the actors perform on a street with a live audience. The purpose of Nukkad natak is to spread awareness about important social/political issues that plague our society. Pravah participates in the nukkad natak event of Spring fest in the month of January. Only the first years participate in it and are guided by the seniors of the society.

Annual Production[edit | edit source]

The last act of the year (referred to as the Annual Production) is performed during End-March to Early-April. The Annual Production sees the most diverse crowd play together.