Reach Out Eve

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Reach Out Eve, as the name suggests, was a reach out event organized by the institute in the wake of several tragic incidents of suicide in the campus. The event was organized on the evening of 28th April 2017 and included a get-together program at Jnan Ghosh Stadium. The lights and internet were cut off at all halls of residences from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm.


The following email was circulate by the Dean (SA) on April 28 for the notification of the event:

Dear all,

This semester we witnessed a series of unfortunate events that have affected one and all in the campus. It has made us realize the importance of connecting to each other in real time, instead of sustaining on virtual connections with our peers and fellow mates. In an attempt to achieve this endeavor, we shall be holding a "Reach Out Eve" on Friday 28th of April 2017. We welcome all students, faculty, and staff along with campus residents to join in solidarity as the IIT Kharagpur family in Gyan Ghosh Stadium at 6.30 pm. on Friday. The lights in the Halls of Residence will be switched off for an hour from 6.30 pm. Let us make this endeavor a success.

Regards, Dean SA


The event saw widespread participation from the student and academic community. Faculties along with their families could be seen interacting and dancing with the students.