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Spectra - the 'Fine Arts and Design Group of IIT Kharagpur' aims to strengthen and promote the roots of fine arts among the students of IIT Kharagpur. With many talented artists and exhibitionists as its members, it promises to be a valued treasure for the connoisseurs of fine arts.

List of activities[edit | edit source]

Several events are conducted every year by Spectra.

Artbeat[edit | edit source]

ArtBeat - the Annual Art Exhibition of IIT Kharagpur is conducted by Spectra in the Gymkhana building for three days every year in the month of March. Artbeat is Spectra's biggest event that provides the perfect opportunity to all creative people within the campus to showcase their creativity through Traditional artworks, Handicrafts, Digital art and Photographs. Months of effort go into preparing for this event, which ends up as a brilliant display of the best and most creative work done by students in KGP.

The event, Live Portrait, is a sensation of the exhibition where talented students, as well as professors, sketch portraits of visitors then and there. Live portrait making is one of the first workshops conducted by Spectra for it's new members every year.

The star attractions of the exhibition in 2017 were the Big Picture, an Agamograph visualizing the Natural and Geometric art of a Deer from different angles, and a Layered cut-out Wire Portrait masterpiece of Alan Rickman as a tribute to his character, Prof. Severus Snape, played by him in the Harry Potter Series.

Clik'D[edit | edit source]

Clik’D, an online photography contest is conducted every year on the Facebook platform which is based on a theme where best entries are awarded on the basis of critical acclaim by the Jury and public voting. The theme for 2017 was ‘Nostalgia’.

Dr Radhakrishnan's portrait made using only shadows

Workshops[edit | edit source]

Every year various workshops (both external and internal) are held by the society on activities such as Collaging, Clay Modelling, Thumb Painting, Glass Painting, Tatoo Making, Watercolour painting, Origami etc. to unleash the creative side of students in the campus. In 2017, Paper Art (3D Origami), Digital painting, Charcoal Sketching, Hand Painting and Quilling workshops were conducted.

Workshops on 3D Origami and Basic Photoshop were conducted which were open to all the students on the campus. A series of minimal paintings on the theme of Tennis was done by Spectra on the walls adjacent to the Tennis Court.

Participants showing off their work at the coffee painting workshop

Other activities[edit | edit source]

In association with Gopali Youth Welfare Society, on a fine Sunday, Spectra painted a wall of Jagriti Vidya Mandir. An online event, Wall-de-Art is conducted every year during the season of Hall Days and the most creative pieces of art are awarded. During Diwali, Spectra made an artwork that was installed in the Institute Main Building.

Organisation structure[edit | edit source]

At Spectra, the organisation hierarchy is as follows:

  • 2nd years: Members
  • 3rd years: Heads
  • 4th years: 4 Governors and the rest Team Coordinators
  • 5th years: Convenors
List of Governors
2016-17 Swastik Pradhan Pankaj Sutar Piyush Chakranarayan Om Shree

Get involved[edit | edit source]

Spectra has a Facebook page with 8000+ likes where the timely activities of the society are shared and also is a platform for non-members to get their artworks recognized and appreciated. Spectra Circle, is an open Facebook Group, a creative hub where art enthusiasts share their knowledge and ideas of various art forms.