TS70006: Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computing

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Syllabus[edit | edit source]

Course offered by Centre for Theoretical Studies, IIT Kharagpur

Pre-requisites: Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics

Quantum Mechanics:

  • The basics of Quantum Mechanics: Bra-Ket Notation, Measurement, Pauli's Spin Matrices, Density Matrices, EPR Paradox, Bell's theorem
  • Quantum Information: Von Neumann Entropy, Maximally Entangled States, Single Valued Decomposition and Schimdt Number, Purification, Partial Trace

Quantum Computing:

  • Basic ideas of Computing - Turing Model, Circuit Model
  • Quantum Gates
  • Quantum Circuits
  • Quantum Algorithms
    • Deutsch Algorithm
    • Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm
    • Quantum Fourier Transform
    • Grover's Search Algorithm
  • Quantum Error Correction.
    • Bit flip Error correction
    • Sign Flip Error correction
    • Shor's 9 bit code

Student Opinion[edit | edit source]

As above mentioned the course requires Linear Algebra & Probability & Statistics as Pre-requisites. You need to have taken the 2 courses or convince the Professor that you already know these topics. Quantum Mechanics is a bit hard topic. So in the short time, it might be difficult to grasp the ideas of Quantum Mechanics, if you studying it for the first time in this course. A bit of self-study is needed to understand Quantum Mechanics part of this course, if the pace of the course is fast.

The second half of the course Quantum Computing, requires minimum basics discussed in the first half of the course. Linear Algebra basics come into use here. Just following the classes will be helpful to understand the topics.

Classroom resources[edit | edit source]

Quantum Mechanics:

Quantum Computing:

Additional Resources[edit | edit source]