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It is a non-profit organization which comes under the Gymkhana .It's main focus is to maintain the spirit of adventure in each and every student and teachers in Kharagpur. It provides an exposure outside of the campus . They conduct various events throughout the year which help students and teachers to explore and experience the new things within the campus. For this they organize many activities

Event List[edit | edit source]

1.Cycling trip



4. Zorbing

5. Archery

6.Go - Karting

7.Summer trek

8.Winter trek

Cycling trip[edit | edit source]

It's basically consists of 80-90 students and 8 to 10 Associate members of the team, the main motto for this trip is to get students to know about their campus and make them aware about the greenery of the campus.

Rappelling[edit | edit source]

It is done in the building of MMM hall . It is one of most adventurous events .It is basically a wall climbing type of event .

Paint-Ball[edit | edit source]

It is organized near Gymkhana , and in this event there is a group of 10 participants 5 on one side and remaining on other side . They are provided with full proof jackets, masks, hand guns and balls .It is like the counter strike game , where one team has to attack on another team .It's really a very fun event .

Zorbing[edit | edit source]

In this event , there is group of four participants ,who fight amongst each other . In this sport , participants are put inside an orb, generally made up of transparent plastic and fight together and roll down and collide with each other.

Go - Karting[edit | edit source]

It is organized in the Gymkhana ,and many enthusiastic students who miss driving here or who like racing , participate in this event .In this event , organizers provide cars and tires to set track for safety and many students enjoy a lot in this event .

Trekking[edit | edit source]

It is a 10-12 days event conducted after end-sem exam , aimed at those group of students who appreciate the beauty of nature . It is organized in both summer and winter and at various places like Kareri lake trip, Dharamshala , Manali ,Dodital lake , Delhi etc.

References[edit | edit source]

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