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On wiki, anyone and everyone can edit the wiki, unfortunately that doesn't translate to everyone adding articles to the wiki. Most of the content on the wiki is there is because someone from the "core" added an article or someone from the "core" asked someone to write the article. For example, the how to on GATE, FRM and CFA are there because I asked my friends to write them, the Badminton article is there because Soumyadeep asked his friend Anushka to write it.

How to ask people to write articles[edit | edit source]

  • Do it nicely: people you are asking to edit the articles don't owe you their time and energy.
  • Follow up: people are often busy and forgetful, so make sure you follow up them if they don't get back to you.
  • Tell them what exactly what do you expect: It is hard to fulfill vague requests, so instead of asking "can you write an article about RK hall", ask them "can you write an article about RK briefly describing its history, infrastructure and list of hall council members". As a bonus send them the RP article and say that they can model the new article around this article.
  • Thank them: Don't forget to thank people when they are done, invite them to slack and maybe they will also become a part of the core.