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metaKGP is a wiki for KGP by KGPians and it require contributions from everyone who can get involved. We assume that every edit made some by users was done with an intention of improving metaKGP and this is our policy of "assuming good faith". This means that rather than throwing away the edits which are not obviously helpful we'll fix them and make them helpful. We appreciate them for trying to help and we'll show them how they can get things right by themselves. For the edits which obviously screw things up, we assume they were not done with an intention of screwing things up. Editing a community wiki is a new experience for most of the KGPians and sometimes it can be a daunting task especially if it involved using "source edits". It is entirely possible that the user got confused somehow and messed things up, but is okay. In such situation we'll tell them what went wrong and give them an opportunity to explain themselves. We assume good faith from KGPians because every edit counts.