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(This is draft)

These are the set of core values of metakgp which I believe should guide the governance of metakgp.

Inclusivity[edit | edit source]

By Inclusivity I mean, anybody and everybody should be included in the process of metakgp, unless we have really good reasons to do so. And this inclusivity should be active one and just a passive lack of exclusion. This means we should actively seek out people who don't have sufficient participation in metakgp and encourage and support them to participate. As of now, the demographics of metakgp are really skewed, we are all undergraduate men who can code.

Assumption of Good Faith[edit | edit source]

Assumption of good faith means that if someone tries to get involved and does something, by default we should assume that it is being done in good faith. Conversely, if someone does something wrong, be it a bad commit or a bad edit, we should not assume that they are trying to mess things up. Unless we have really good reasons to believe so. Assumption of Good Faith often manifests into the principle of asking for forgiveness instead of permission. Though that requires the situation to be one where damages can be easily repaired. A bad edit or commit can be very easily reverted. But a bad facebook post from official account damage the reputation which can be hard to recover. The case where someone messes up with the server can be troublesome. Though a good backup and setup system should minimize the error. Based on these considerations, I believe we should allow any human (bots excluded) to make edits to the wiki or commit to our repos. Allow anyone, who asks for it, to have an account on the server. And allow only the people who community chooses as their representatives to make public announcements.

Transparency, Accountability and Division of Power[edit | edit source]

Mentorship and Sustainability[edit | edit source]

(The good you do should not only "add" but "multiply")

Interactions of principles[edit | edit source]

Though these principles are important for themselves, they are important for each other. Assumption of Good Faith is a prerequisite for inclusivity in many cases. Without assumption of good faith, implicitly, there are people whom we trust and whom we don't. The people we trust are more likely to be who we know, who in turn are more likely to be from the same demographics as we are implicitly keeping the out groups out. Without inclusivity, the pool of people who we can mentor and with whom we can divide the power goes small. Division of power is important for inclusivity as without it is easier to make choices which hurt one group much more than the other. For division of power, mentorship is important in the same was inclusivity is, it expands the possible pool of people one can share power with.

Implications[edit | edit source]

  • Document everything: This derives from principles of inclusivity, transparency and mentor-ship. The mentorship part is obvious, it is important for inclusivity because without documentation only people who already know how to do the thing will be able to participate.