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This will be a live journal of my experience completing the final graduation clearance at IIT Kharagpur.

19-4-2018: ERP opened the Academic > Final Graduation Processing > 01. Application For Degree, Grade Card, Final Dues Clearance link. Inside that there's a form that needs to be filled. The first field itself stumped me. Short name (within 16 characters) Where are they going to put that?!

19-4-2018: The Hall clearance stuff has also begun. The hall office gave me a NO DUES form to be signed from 8 places! I also witnessed a trailer of how this is going to go. When someone came to the hall office at 7 pm with a completely signed form, the guy in the hall office said Okay, we will update this on ERP tomorrow! Clearly, everything is going to take one working day.

19-4-2018: A notice was circulated about the clearance: Notice

19-4-2018: The guy in the Academic section said that the Short Name field will be used for Medals and Prizes. They probably emboss the name of the receiver on the medal and for that there's a limitation of space and therefore characters? All this is just wild speculation.

19-4-2018: The field for the photo that's there on the Form to be filled out in the ERP is very strange. It displays a square picture. Uploading a rectangular image skews it and leads the user to believe they should upload a square image. But having created 2 yearbooks at Alumni Cell, I know that the yearbook uses a rectangular passport size photo for everyone! I have often seen skewed photos on the yearbook, could this be the reason?

20-4-2018: Confirmed the form on the ERP. This is the status page as it looks now. This page should start turning green pretty soon!

20-4-2018: In a rather stunning turn around, I was able to complete clearance at Gymkhana and Library in an hour between 3 pm and 4 pm today. In the Library, you just hand over your ID card and they take care of the details for you. As long as you have no dues and no books to return, things will be fine. At the gymkhana, there's a register and I filled out my name there. The people there told me it will be completed async. And it was. Around 7 pm, when I checked my clearance page again, I saw that everything except the Hall and Department were done. (Sometime during the evening, the HMC people also decided to clear everyone, I think). 3 down, 2 to go.

2-5-2018: In Mechanical Engineering, department clearance requires a signature from 25 labs. I was able to get 20 of them in an hour and a half today. (Today was the first working day this week) After taking the sign from the remaining labs, I can submit the form in the department office and they will process the clearance inside the ERP.

3-5-2018: Hall clearance done! They created a list of Dues and put it up in the Hall office, and asked everyone to pay it to an account. After paying the dues, I took the printout of the receipt from net banking and showed it to the Mess Manager who signed the No Dues form. Then, I submitted this form in the Hall Office and a staff member there immediately cleared it on ERP. So, I am all done except for the departmental clearance! Onwards and upwards!