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1. Taking an elective course outside your parent department requires the approval of FacAd, HOD _and_ course instructor. This process is long and cumbersome, I think that people should be allowed to take subjects as long as the course teacher is okay with it. (Moreover, some FacAds don't know about this process and ask for the course instructor's approval on a written letter before initiating the ERP process. All FacAds should be educated about their role in this process)

2. If you want to enter / leave the campus between 11 pm and 3 am (fuzzy about the window), you _have_ to make an entry in the register. Feels like an unnecessary invasion of privacy, everyone here is an adult (almost) and there's no _apparent_ need to track their comings and goings.

(I remember your story about y'all wanting to drop @amrav at the airport and forging train tickets etc, hilarious :P )

3. Making the room / auditorium booking process simpler (Eg: if the room is to be booked for tomorrow and the cause seems legit, might as well let it proceed. No _more urgent, more important_ reason is probably going to come up between today and tomorrow.)

4. _All_ professors are required to make a course page for the courses that they are teaching this semester. Almost all CSE professors follow this, and it is really GREAT for getting to know a course (you could go through past year's' course pages to get a _feel_ for what the course is really about.