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  • ... the flyover next to the main gate was fully constructed only in 2014 [unverified]
  • ... Vinod Gupta funded the Rajiv Gandhi Law School
  • ... IIT Kharagpur had an annual inter-collegiate sports fest called Shaurya
  • ... Sister Nivedita Hall of Residence used to be a Kendriya Vidyalaya until 2014
  • ... IIT Kharagpur campus has [x] schools, [y] parks spread across its campus
  • ... Illumination was removed as an inter-hall competition before being reinstated in 2015.[unverified]
  • ... Institute organized an R U OK? day involving a black out for 1 hour in wake of successive suicides in campus
  • ... bus service in institute was started in 2014 as part of Apoorv Jain's VP proposal. [unverified]
  • ... till 2014 classes used to start from 7:30 AM instead of 8:00 AM.