Vice President, Technology Students' Gymkhana

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The Vice President, Technology Students' Gymkhana is elected during the Spring semester, and has a tenure of the following one year. He/She can be any student who has spent a minimum of 3 years in the institute (at the start of the next Autumn semester).

Generally, undergraduate students enrolled in the dual degree or the 5 yr. M.Sc. course contest for this post in their 6th semester.

History[edit | edit source]

Election Procedure[edit | edit source]

Controversies[edit | edit source]

Past Vice Presidents[1][edit | edit source]

Academic Year Name of the VP TSG
2018-Now Vishal Kumar Singh (RP, MI '20)
2017-18 Mayank Srivastava (LBS, MI '19)
2016-17 Shovan Panigrahi(LLR, PH '18)
2015-16 Atal Ashutosh Agarwal (RK, MI '17)
2014-15 Punj Rajan (AZ, MI '16)
2013-14 Apoorv Jain (PH, AG '15)
2012-13 Rinshul Chandra (RK, CH '14)
2011-12 Prateek Agarwal (PH, IM '13)
2010-11 Celestine Joseph (PH, IM, '12)
2009-10 Shubham Matah (AZ, CH, '11)
2008-09 Arnav Kumar (RP, MA, '10)


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