AE51003: Applied Elasticity And Plasticity

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Course name Applied Elasticity And Plasticity
Offered by Aerospace Engineering
Credits 3
L-T-P 3-0-0
Previous Year Grade Distribution
Semester Spring

Syllabus[edit | edit source]

Syllabus mentioned in ERP[edit | edit source]

Prerequisites: AE31005 3 - 0 - 0: 3 CreditsIntroduction, threedimensional stress, strain tensors, generalized Hooke s Law, Constants of elastic materials, Strain energy, applications in two and three-dimensional problem, introduction to thermoelasticity, introduction to plasticity, yield conditions, associated flow rules, viscoelastic behavior.

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Time Table[edit | edit source]

Day 8:00-8:55 am 9:00-9:55 am 10:00-10:55 am 11:00-11:55 am 12:00-12:55 pm 2:00-2:55 pm 3:00-3:55 pm 4:00-4:55 pm 5:00-5:55 pm
Monday 2nd Year Class Room
Tuesday 2nd Year Class Room 2nd Year Class Room