AG40002: Ergonomics In Engineering Design

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Course name Ergonomics In Engineering Design
Offered by Agricultural & Food Engineering
Credits 3
L-T-P 3-0-0
Previous Year Grade Distribution
Semester Spring

Syllabus[edit | edit source]

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Introduction: Ergonomic principles and fundamentals. Man machine systems. Anthropometry: Physiological requirements. Engineering anthropometry. Ergonomic Design: Performance and energy cost of different modes and postures of operation of handles, levers, knobs, gadgets, etc. Ergonomic design of system, equipment, devices and tools. Work Environment: Workplace design and layout of working environment. Vibration and Noise: Effect of machine vibration, noise, thermal stresses on overall system performance. Standardization and Safety: Ergonomic standardization and assessment of product quality, measures for operator safety and comfort.

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