AG40028: Food Biotechnology

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Course name Food Biotechnology
Offered by Agricultural & Food Engineering
Credits 3
L-T-P 3-0-0
Previous Year Grade Distribution
Semester Spring

Syllabus[edit | edit source]

Syllabus mentioned in ERP[edit | edit source]

Bioconversion of raw food materials to processed products; new protein foods: SCP, mushroom, food yeasts, algal proteins; functional food ingredients and their health benefits, probiotics, antibody production for oral vaccines; topics on enzyme technologies in food processing and quality improvement, immobilization technology of enzymes used in food industries; various bioprocessing and fermentation biotechnologies, quantification and analysis of biotechnologically processed improved foods and food additives like colours, flavors and vitamins, polyphenols and antioxidants; bioconversion of food wastes to useful products, food toxins, microbial hurdle technology, minimally processed food, the importance of food safety, GM foods and safety issues, HACCP in food biotechnology.

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