AG60116: Agricultural Finance And Marketing

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Course name Agricultural Finance And Marketing
Offered by Agricultural & Food Engineering
Credits 4
L-T-P 3-1-0
Previous Year Grade Distribution
Semester Spring

Syllabus[edit | edit source]

Syllabus mentioned in ERP[edit | edit source]

Marketing core concepts: needs Maslows hierarchy of needs, wants, demands, products, utility, value, satisfaction, exchange, transactions, relationships, markets; management: production concept, product concept, selling concept, marketing concept; planning and process: SBU identification, SWOT analysis, marketing mix, resource allocation; indutrial markets; segmentation variables in consumer and industrial markets; state of branding in agro and food sectors; pricing strategies and programs; product life cycle. Finance - elements of engineering economics; balance sheet loss and profit accounts; agricultural finance, institutional and non-institutional credits; principles of farm finance ? need for specialised agencies for agricultural credit, risk involved in finance, recovery of loans, supervision, linking credit with marketing management of agricultural credit.

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