General Championship (Social and Cultural)/2013-14

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GC Cup Winners
GC Winners AZ
Entertainment Cup RK
Fine-arts Cup NH
Dramatics Cup AZ
Literary Cup AZ

General Championship, Social and Cultural 2013-2014, comprised of a total of 22 events spanning over two semesters. A number of halls participated in these events, and 11 of them eventually made it to the points table with at least one medal to their name. A total of 3170 points were up for grabs. Azad Hall of Residence topped the table with a total of 727.5 points with Radha Krishnan Hall of Residence at 595 points occupying the second spot. Nehru Hall of Residence, with a score of 550, was the only other hall with over 500 cumulative points. Entertainment Cup was won by Radha Krishnan Hall of Residence with 285 points, Fine arts Cup was won by Nehru Hall of Residence with 150 points. Both the Dramatics Cup and Literary Cup went to Azad Hall of Residence with 315 points and 222.5 points respectively.