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If you are looking to intern in Canada during summer, through a program such as MITACs or UARE or via mailing, you will be applying for a work permit visa. The processing time of a work permit visa varies between 20 days to 2 months. Hence, it is in your best interest to apply at the earliest.

The following are required for the work permit visa:

  1. Offer letter(stating financial support, if any)
  2. Contract letter
  3. Proof of personal funds(bank statement)
  4. Official Transcript/photocopy of the same(the one used to apply for program will do)
  5. Resume
  6. Previous internship certificates
  7. Two passport size photographs
  8. Original Passport and a xerox copy of the bio page
  9. English/French proficiency reports( if any)
  10. Bonafide Certificate
  11. Photocopies of 10th and 12th board marksheets.
  12. Cash of 9000 rupees(Card payment is not accepted currently at VFS global, Kolkata)

Items 1 and 2 will be sent to you by your employer(ie the professor/Visiting Students Coordinator of the respective university/company).

Offline Application:[edit | edit source]

Once you get the hard copies of all the required documents, visit VFS global services centre at Rene Tower, Rajdanga Main road, Kasba, Kolkata. Prior appointment is not required. Once you're at the VFS global office, Canada Section, request for the following:

  1. Work permit Visa requirements checklist
  2. Family Information Sheet
  3. Undertaking
  4. Application form(can be filled online there and printed for Rs 108)

Complete all the forms and submit.

Additional Information:[edit | edit source]

  1. For MITACs and UARE recipients, you'll be applying through the Labour Impact Market Assessment(LIMA) Exception category. Remember to fill in your LIMA/offer of employment number in the application form.
  2. For more information, visit: VFS-Canada

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