How to get a visa to Czech Republic

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If you are looking to intern in Czech Republic during summer, through a program such as UFAL or via mailing, you will be applying for a student visa. It would take minimum of 10 days to process.

The following are required for the student visa:

  1. Invitation letter (stating duration of internship and financial support, if any)
  2. Proof of accomodation (for the whole duration of stay)
  3. Proof of personal funds(bank statement)
  4. Bonafide Certificate
  5. Two passport size photographs
  6. Original Passport and a xerox copy of the bio page
  7. Health insurance for the whole duration of stay
  8. Xerox copy of previous Schengen VISA (if any)
  9. Cash of 5300-5500 rupees(Card payment is not accepted currently at VFS global, Kolkata)
  10. Put your flight tickets if you have already booked
  11. Xerox of identity card
  12. A cover letter

Online Application[edit | edit source]

  1. Download and fill the Schengen VISA application form from here.
  2. Book an appointment at (

VFS Center[edit | edit source]

The VFS center is at Rene Tower, Rajdanga Main road, Kasba, Kolkata. They would ask for documents, then submit the VISA and processing fee, after which you would have to go through bio-metrics check (if you have not been to a Schengen country recently). You have the option to receive the passport through courier at your address or at the VFS Center, Kolkata.

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