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Illumination also popular as Illu is a tradition followed by every hall of residence during the Diwali festival every year. Large grid structures (called chatai) made of bamboo stripes are put and placeholder wires to mount diyas are placed to create the framework based on a theme decided by the student hall. On the day of Diwali, a couple of minutes before the arrival of chief guest and other officials, mounted diyas are lit up to showcase the intricate pictorial description. Also, based on the the theme of Illu, rest of the student hall is decorated as well.

Preparations for Illu starts several weeks before the actual date of Diwali and involve active collaboration from the students.

How Illu began ?[edit | edit source]

Back in 1981, some innovative students from Azad hall of residence decided to celebrate diwali by lighting scores of diyas on giant chatais. In characteristic fashion, Nehru hall decided to make a GC event out of it- calling it the Bigyan sinha memorial cup. Up to the year 2013, top 3 halls were chosen for the best showcases by the Gymkhana and were awarded a pot of Rasgulla. The competition, however, was dropped in the year 2014-15 but student continue to celebrate it with the same zeal.[unverified]

Styles[edit | edit source]

Over years, each student hall has developed an unique art style and, thus, are highly anticipated. For example, RP Hall is known for their negative solid filling style of the chatais.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Azad hall illu 2016
LLR HALL 2016 illu
RK HALL illu 2016
LBS Hall rangoli 2016
Preparations for Illumination
The buddha, ILLU 2014
Rangoli made by colors in LBS Hall, 2014
ILLU celebration in LBS Hall, 2014