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History[edit | edit source]

Druheen is the official name of Bengali Technology dramatic society(BTDS) of IIT Kharagpur . It is one of the dramatic society which is under Technology students' Gymkhana and is a part of the Dramatics Subcommittee under the Social and Cultural Committee.

Activities[edit | edit source]

1) Independence day production

On 15th august,every year, Druheen performs a drama which can also be called fresher's introduction production. The cast includes mainly second year and fourth year. Seniors mostly fifth year attends the practise session for supervising and teaching the drama. This production mainly happens to encourage the fresher's.

2) Fresher's workshop

The freshers are given a thorough training of theatre oriented workshops that teaches them the basics of dramatics. Skills like voice modulation, voice intensity, dramatization, body posture, stage movements, third forms, etc are taught in groups. First years along with the four governors train for three weeks at the Main Building. Occasional skits, monologues and challenging impromptu are attempted to improve the versatility of the actor.

3) Fresher's production

The play takes place mainly after the midsem. The play officially performs by the fresher's. Mainly the third year trains the juniors. The plays mostly include entertaining characters to encourage the freshers.

4) Annual production

The official last act of the year. The cast includes members of first year to final year. The act takes place at the end of march.

Functioning[edit | edit source]

Selection procedure

Druheen selection auditions are held once per year, only for first years from both UG and PG. The society selects a batch of 25-30 first years (UG) and 2-5 PG at the beginning of the academic year soon after the Independence day production. Selection procedure consists of tasks that judge voice modulation, intensity, speech and diction, confidence and acting skills.

Organizational Structure

Druheen has four governors selected by the society seniors every year who takes care of the society and represent it in the Gymkhana. Overall co-ordination during productions, outstations and competitions are handled by the governors.

Governors[edit | edit source]

List of Governors
2017-18 Souvik Bhowmik (MT) Debanjan Nayak (MT) Mehul Dasgupta (QD) Sumit Das(ME)
2016-17 Arna Ghosh Saion Roy Sourav Das Soham Debnath
2015-16 Navojit Saha(CH) Ria Biswas(CH) Kastur Bhattacharya Anuran Gayen(CY)
2014-15 Sikhar Patranabis Rishita Das Surya De Bhaskar Sarkar
2012-13 Sambuddha Adhikari Sambit Debnath Atreyee Bhaumik Saugata Neogy
2011-12 Anirban Gupta Swarnendu Mandal Subhajit Bera

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