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Technology Dramatics Society: Prasthanam
Activities Theatre
Founded 2010
Number of members 100-120
Contact [email protected]
Under TSG Yes

Technology Dramatics Society: Prasthanam is the institute's official Telugu Dramatics Society. It was earlier referred to as the 'Technology Telugu Dramatics Society', TTDS in short. It is under the Technology Students' Gymkhana and is a part of the Dramatics Subcommittee under the Social and Cultural Committee.



Selection Procedure[edit]

Prasthanam selection auditions are held once per year, only for first years, in August for an active membership for all four/five years. The society selects a batch of 30-40 first years (UG) at the beginning of the academic year soon after the welcome production. Selection procedure consists of tasks that judge voice modulation, intensity, speech and diction, confidence and acting skills.

Organizational Structure[edit]

Prasthanam has four governors selected by the society seniors every year who govern the society and represent it in the Gymkhana. Overall co-ordination during productions outstations and competitions are handled by the governors.

List of Activities[edit]

Welcome Production[edit]

Within two weeks of the Autumn Semester starting, Prasthanam performs its first production of the year. The cast ranges from second years to Third years. The aim of this Production is to Entertain Freshers from Telugu Community with its Comical Plays. This is also the first time the Governors for the new tenure are introduced to KGP.

Freshers' Workshop[edit]

The freshers are given a thorough training of theatre oriented workshops that teach them the basics of dramatics. Skills like voice modulation, voice intensity, dramatization, body posture, stage movements, third forms, etc are taught in groups. First years along with the four governors train for three weeks at the Main Building. Occasional skits, monologues and challenging impromptu are attempted to improve the versatility of the actor.

Freshers' Production[edit]

The Governors with the help of the entire society train the first years and with rigorous practice put up a production, with the entire cast being first years.


The last act of the year (referred to as the Annual Production) is performed during End-March to Early-April. The Annual Production sees the most diverse crowd play together.

List of Plays[edit]

  • Iddaru (2018)
  • Rao Gaari Abbayi (2017)
  • Karna Bharam (2017)
  • Aahana Pellanta (2016)
  • Gardhabhandam (2016)
  • Chadarangam (2016)
  • Evadi gola Vadidhe (2015)
  • Prathinayakudu (2015)
  • Adrustam (2015)
  • Plan- B (2014)
  • Sector-24 Mvp Colony (2014)
  • FLash Back (2014)
  • Production No.1 (2013)
  • Manushulu Chesina Devudu (2013)
  • Adhi sir Jarigindhi (2013)
  • Mettininti Bharatam (2012)
  • Pellam oorelithe (2012)
  • Neti Vidyardhi
  • Sangarshana (2011)


List of Governors
2018-19 Dharani Giridhar Satish Surya
2017-18 Hemanth Lalasa Lvs Chaitanya Rishi
2016-17 Apoorva Rama Krishna Sandeep Srikar
2015-16 Abhinav Prithvi Shashank Varshini
2014-15 Nitin Samhitha Suresh Venki
2013-14 Bhanu Teja Sudheer Hima Sagar Sunandha

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